Podcast: Chairwoman Extraordinaire

Aliza explains to Ellan the meaning of 'leftover women', 'footies' and 'mulberry fields' while also getting us hyped about the Yenching Global Symposium 2018.

Podcast: Our Reluctant Superwoman

Why is life like a zebra? Or a lion-dragon dance? How many ways can't you eat potatoes in Beijing? And what is this superwoman's secret skill? Ellan chats to Lidiia - martial artist, consummate linguist, and deep thinker - about life when things get tough.

Feeling Winter for the First Time

Cold is not staying inside with a cup of tea under a blanket. It’s staying as far away from the doors and windows as you can, blankets wrapped tight like a sushi roll and mug abandoned on the side table because its contents went cold minutes after pouring.

Podcast: In Love with the German Dream Team

Have you ever wondered what the most attractive thing about Germany is? Ellan interviews German scholar and prize-winning student, Shu (Zhongshu), to find out. Also featured: Shu's poetry recitation skills, and her fondness for Sichuan hot pot. Listen to more Beijing adventures here!

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