Podcast: Chairwoman Extraordinaire

Aliza explains to Ellan the meaning of 'leftover women', 'footies' and 'mulberry fields' while also getting us hyped about the Yenching Global Symposium 2018.


Shanghai: A Field Experience of Being the Privileged and Objectified Foreigner

The status afforded foreigners in (which obviously varies given your perceived gender, sexual orientation and ethnicity) is certainly two-sided. Along with varying levels of pseudo-diplomatic privilege comes an objectification and even nullification of your person-hood.

Podcast: Our Reluctant Superwoman

Why is life like a zebra? Or a lion-dragon dance? How many ways can't you eat potatoes in Beijing? And what is this superwoman's secret skill? Ellan chats to Lidiia - martial artist, consummate linguist, and deep thinker - about life when things get tough.

Feeling Winter for the First Time

Cold is not staying inside with a cup of tea under a blanket. It’s staying as far away from the doors and windows as you can, blankets wrapped tight like a sushi roll and mug abandoned on the side table because its contents went cold minutes after pouring.

Podcast: In Love with the German Dream Team

Have you ever wondered what the most attractive thing about Germany is? Ellan interviews German scholar and prize-winning student, Shu (Zhongshu), to find out. Also featured: Shu's poetry recitation skills, and her fondness for Sichuan hot pot. Listen to more Beijing adventures here!

Podcast: Peking Potter Pals

Join Ellan and Erin as they discover the complicated didactics of the HP canon, where the giant squid lives on Beida Campus, and exactly what the trolls were doing on the wall across from the Room of Requirement.

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